Joseph M. Mazzafro

Defense Intelligence and Information Operations

410-440-9730 | jmazzafro@csc.com | mazzafro@gmail.com

Mr. Mazzafro brings over three decades of intelligence community experience to Computer Sciences Corporation’s National Mission Solutions Team where he is a Subject Matter Expert for Intelligence.

While with Oracle’s National Security Group he was responsible for tailoring Oracle’s industry leading information products, solutions, and services to meet the unique needs of the Intelligence Community.  Of particular note he developed an unlimited licensing agreement (ULA) to meet DIA’s Combat Support Agency mission needs at an affordable price.  This ULA is viewed as a model agreement across the Intelligence Community (IC). Prior to joining Oracle he  successfully lead EMC’s business development efforts with the Intelligence Community.  Before entering the private sector he served for 27 years with the U.S. Navy rising to the rank of Captain while being posted to a variety of significant positions ashore and afloat as a Naval Intelligence Officer  – – –  including two tours with DIA

As the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) Scientific and Technical Intelligence Officer (STILO),  Mr. Mazzafro guided the laboratory’s relationship with the intelligence community while playing  a key role in the development of:  IED defenses, the Area Air Defense Commander (AADC) system, the Global Net Centric Surveillance and Targeting (GNCST) system, various ballistic missile defense programs, and concept of operations for numerous intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems.  Post 9/11, he has also a frequent adviser to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) on options for improving the defense of the United States from maritime borne terrorism.

While on active duty, Captain Mazzafro spent considerable time at sea where he planned the return of Navy fixed wing reconnaissance to the Korean Peninsula, was involved in intelligence support for the aborted Iranian hostage rescue attempt, and was the afloat N2 for the protection of reflagged Kuwaiti Tankers transiting the Persian Gulf after the STARK attack.  While afloat, he participated in the fleet operational evaluations of FIST, FDDS, TRAP/TRE, and SLOW WALKER systems. 

Ashore Captain Mazzafro was a watch officer and CNO briefer in the CNO Intelligence Plot during the 1973 Arab-Israeli War.  He later served as the Operations Officer at the Pacific Fleet’s Ocean Surveillance Information System Center (FOSIC PAC) during the KAL 007 shoot down.  Assigned as the Chief of Defense Intelligence Agency Liaison London, he was the principal conduit for the exchange of military intelligence at the national level between the US and UK during Desert Storm.  As the Director of Services at ONI in the early 1990’s he was responsible shifting naval intelligence to digital production ahead of the rest of the community.  He also engaged Naval Intelligence with the Community Open Source Program Office (COSPO).  In his final assignment, Captain Mazzafro led the JCS Intelligence Task Force on the Balkans during the negotiations for the Dayton Accords and the deployment of NATO’s Implementation Force (I-For) to Bosnia.

Mr. Mazzafro participated in both the 2005 Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review (QICR) and the 2007 Defense Science Board Summer Study.  He currently serves on the AFCEA Intelligence Committee and is a member of the INSA Executive Committee. For the past five years he has authored a widely read  monthly commentary on the intelligence community for AFCEA’s International’s webpage. 

Captain Mazzafro has received two National Intelligence Achievement Medals: one presented by DCI Deutch for information production improvements at ONI; the second presented by DCI Tenet for support to national policy on Bosnia.  He has been awarded eight personal military decorations including the Legion of Merit along with numerous unit and campaign citations.

Mr. Mazzafro holds a Master of Arts with distinction in National Security Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School.  He is also a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pa. with a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Political Science.  Mr. Mazzafro and his wife Maryjean, who is a Licensed Social, reside in Ellicott City, Md. with their son Joey while their daughter Bobbie is civilian analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency; she is currently serving with Central Command’s J2.

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